Group Lessons


Kindermusik Classroom Instruments and their Big Brothers - Kindermusik

0 – 6 years old

Kindermusik is dedicated to using the power of music to help children grow during the years most critical to brain development. We’ll sing, move, and play while learning not only music basics, but social and motor skills too.


Nuvo Preband

KHS America Becomes Exclusive USA Nuvo Instruments Distributor | KHS America

8 – 11 years old

This weekly class is intended to bridge the gap between recorder and beginning band. Playing Nuvo pre-band instruments, students will learn the basics of note-reading, rhythm, and how to make music with others.


Rock School

On Words: What, Exactly, Is Rock 'n' Roll?

You want to rock. We understand. Join Rock School, where you can practice teamwork, build confidence, and hone your rock star vibes. You’ll join a band of your peers for a weekly rehearsal to play some of the best songs in rock history.






Woodwind Ensemble


Open to all woodwind players who want to have fun while learning new skills and repertoire. Playing in small ensembles challenges students to listen more carefully and play more accurately. You’ll be engaged with new musical arrangements and make new friends.

Trumpet Ensemble

Learn unique trumpet repertoire while honing your listening and performance skills. This weekly class will teach musicians the fundamentals of creating a group sound, enhance creativity, and support new approaches to making music.

String Ensemble

12-18 years old

Discover elements of chamber music in our 6-week summer string session. Playing in a trio or quartet you’ll explore musical composition, communicating through music, and how to rehearse. You’ll also understand and apply listening skills, string technique, and improvisation skills – all through games and explorations.