Orchestra Instrument Repair

Chagrin Valley Music’s on-site repair shop offers luthier services on all bowed string instruments.  From bow work, to set-ups, to major structural repairs, we’ll restore your instrument to top playing condition quickly and professionally.

Expert, in-house repairs

Our experienced technicians work on-site, using the most recent technologies, to bring your instrument to performance-level playing condition.

Loaner instruments

We provide free loaners for most instruments during the repair period.

Road Services

We service many area schools and institutions with pick-up and delivery service as well as some on-site repairs.


Estimating a repair cost is difficult without seeing an instruments first.  We can offer estimates once we have had an opportunity to fully assess the instrument for what is needed.

Current rental customers: There is no charge for maintenance or repairs on our rent-to-own instruments!”

Set-up work

Includes replacing bridges, pegs, soundposts, and planing fingerboards.

Structural repairs

Includes repairing broken necks and scrolls, body punctures and cracks, and gluing open seams.

Bow repairs

Includes rehairing, repairing tips, and replacing grips, frogs, and other parts.

Cosmetic repairs

Includes touching up wood scratches, discolorations, and other finish blemishes

For repair questions or to schedule a repair,

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What is the average turn-around time for a repair?

Generally, easier repairs take a few days while more involved work, like complete repads, take about 1.5-2 weeks. Some adjustment can even be handled on the spot! Wait times can be lengthened by seasonal volume or when parts need to be ordered.

How much will my repair cost?

Estimates are free and can be given once the technician has had an opportunity to inspect your instrument. If you are renting the instrument from us, the repair is free of charge.

What if I need my instrument before the repair is complete?

We offer free loaners on violins and violas. For cellos and basses, we will work as quickly as possible so you can make your next performance. You’ll want to keep your own bow for use on the loaner (unless it is involved in the repair)