Orchestra Rentals

Our program is designed for QUALITY and CONVENIENCE!

A quality, well-maintained instrument is key to a student’s success. That’s why we only carry instruments from reliable, director-preferred makers. And that’s also why we set up every instrument for optimal playability. Our rentals include maintenance and insurance so your student will always perform their best.

Rental Programs


Rental & Purchase Plan

  • Our instruments are professionally set-up for optimal playing
  • STANDARD instruments feature steel strings and ebony pegs
  • PREMIUM instruments feature Perfection pegs and upgraded strings
  • Full insurance is included in the rental price
  • All payments apply to a full size instrument of your choice. Many rental programs apply only the first year of payments or require you to buy undersized instruments that your student will outgrow.
  • We visit many NE Ohio schools for pick-ups and deliveries
Instrument Standard Premium
Violin or Viola 22 32
Cello 38 48
Bass 58 88

Already have your instrument? We stock all the accessories and books you’ll need to get started. We can also clean and service your instrument before orchestra begins!

Rentals FAQ

How do I know what size instrument we need?

Usually your teacher will recommend the best size for the student since they will be working with them on a regular basis.  We can also fit the student to the proper size instrument here in the store. 

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?

The minimum rental period is three months.  You may return the instrument any time after this initial period.  There is no maximum rental period.  You may rent for as long as you wish until a 4/4 is paid for in full.