Wind Instrument Repair

Chagrin Valley Music performs a full range of repairs on all wind instruments.  From basic maintenance and cleanings to complete overhauls, you can feel confident that your instrument will perform it’s best after a visit with us.

Expert, in-house repairs

Our experienced technicians work on-site, using the most recent technologies, to bring your instrument to performance-level playing condition.

Loaner instruments

We provide free loaners for most instruments during the repair period.

Road Services

We service many area schools and institutions with pick-up and delivery service as well as some on-site repairs.


Estimating a repair cost is difficult without seeing an instruments first.  We can offer estimates once we have had an opportunity to fully assess the instrument for what is needed.

Current rental customers: There is no charge for maintenance or repairs on our rent-to-own instruments!


Play condition: Replace only the necessary corks and pads. Regulate and align
Full cleaning: Disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of the body. Hand cleaning of keys. Polish. Reassemble
Complete repad:  Disassemble and clean instrument. Replace all pads and corks. Silence key movements. Set pad heights. Diminish lost motion. Fully regulate and test. Clean case.


Ultrasonic cleaning: Full disassembly of the instrument, including pulling of moderately stuck parts. Prescrub, ultrasonic cleaning, and postscrub. Reassembly and lubrication. Replacement of necessary corks and felts.
: If you can dent it, we can remove it.
: Braces, ferrules, saddles, rings, bells. Soft-solder or silver-solder.
: Fully restores instrument to like-new condition. Includes cleaning, dentwork, necessary soldering, buffing, and relaquering or replating of the finish.

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What is the average turn-around time for a repair?

Generally, easier repairs take a few days while more involved work, like complete repads, take about 1.5-2 weeks.  Some adjustment can even be handled on the spot!  Wait times can be lengthened by seasonal volume or when parts need to be ordered.

How much will my repair cost?

Estimates are free and can be given once the technician has had an opportunity to inspect your instrument.  If you are renting the instrument from us, the repair is free of charge. 

What if I need my instrument before the repair is complete?

We offer free loaners on most major wind instruments.  You’ll want to keep your own mouthpiece for use on the loaner (unless it is involved in the repair)